About us

IMG_5748IMG_5748SYNC was an inevitable consequence of Office Systems Aruba diversifying its core.
Office Systems Aruba has successfully fabricated office furniture since 2007. While the journey has not been without obstacles, we are now a highly efficient manufacturing plant producing a high standard of European office furniture.

The principals applied in fabrication of office furniture have many overlapping processes with those of kitchens and closets. What if we could tweak our manufacturing plant to also produce kitchens and closets? That’s what we did.

Kitchens and closets were successfully integrated and diversified Office Systems Aruba’s product line. However, the mixture of office furniture, kitchens and closets did not fit. There needed to be a clear distinction between furniture for the home and for the office. While the synchronization of two different products with so many similarities being produced in the same manufacturing plant was successful, the products however did not belong together. This is where SYNC was born, focusing solely on home furniture, namely kitchens and closets. SYNC now has its own 3000 square foot showroom, displaying kitchens with brand name appliances, complete functioning closets and a stunning live kitchen.